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Air Gateway Tourist & Travel (AGTTA) is working since MAY 2010 and registered with the Ministry of Information and Culture of Afghanistan under registration # ATO-KBL-459. AGTTA provides complete travel & tour packages to local and international travelers. we deal all types of customers/ clients including wiht walk-in, corporate clients and sub agents.

Presently, we have become one of the most popular names in Afghanistan's travel & tourism industry being the travel & tour company signifying reliability and quality, leaving a benchmark for the people who like to travel with complete assistance with on-time availability for assistance.


Our head office is based in Afghanistan's capital Kabul and our associates' offices are located in UAE, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Singapore, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Egypt, Belarus, and Thailand. Our staff is technically very well experienced and working 24/7 for the provision of facilitation round the clock. With the Combination of the extensive network and expertise in this field at this company, we are capable of arranging professional flights tickets, visa assistance, hotel bookings, travel insurances, and tours services that are characterized by the fascination of the sites, the quality of the offered services, and the luxury of the accommodations offered with a great selection of locations in every tourist destination. 


Air Gateway seeks to enhance the corporate management tools to improve the service while reducing your travel costs with full satisfaction and we want to grow by offering more and a wider range of unique travel & tours, we work to develop to best travel operator and expand our visibility on all networks.



Our mission is to become preferred partner for our tour operators & Clients to provide a unique travel & tour experience for everybody in a sustainable, honest and transparent way. We tend to focus on the customers' requirements to come up with effective strategies for meeting their demands in an efficient manner.

Our Values

  •  Quality: Clients come in the first place! strive for an optimal service level in order to get the clients best value for their travel. •

  • Professionalism: To take our business very thoughtful, it means our behavior is correct, objective, balanced, efficient and reliable. We are reliable in the way we conduct business. •

  • Honesty: We work with honest employees, with honest, fair and competitive market prices. We strive to regulate honest behavior towards our environment (clients, suppliers and other stakeholders who we conduct business with). •

  • Transparency: We strive to be clear in our services and processes, to be transparent to our direct stakeholders. •

  • Personal: We like to give a tailor-made assistance as every person is different with different needs. The clients cases are closely supervised, monitored by the higher aurthorities of the company. It means personal assurance, aimed on establishing a temporarily, personal bond which enables us to really help you to get the best value for your objective. It also means a pleasant service with a smile, with some humor. •

  • Sustainable Tourism: To conducts business in a sustainable way and take into account the interest of the local people, preserve the cultural heritage, we take care of our stakeholders focusing economically on long term results and fair economic fair practices.

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